To provide value based education and building the future leaders with a global vision who are socially oriented and value based world citizens ready to address core issues with empathy, honesty and sincerity.


SANSKRITI,S environment is holistic, student friendly and teachers are very supportive.
We provide quality based education and skill among the students so that they become responsible citizens of India and the world.
The intellectual, social, emotional, physical & spiritual development of the students is fostered to enhance their quality of life.
Students are prepared for active, independent learning in an environment which fosters a spirit of enquiry and keen competition.
Students are encouraged to contribute to decision about their own future through school appointment and school organisation, career guidance and counselling services , that helps them to achieve their goal.


The general aim of a school is to provide best and holistic education to its pupils which includes the development of qualities of integrity. honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion and to promote scientific temper, spirit of inquiry, coupled with human values. This way the student is intergrated with environment and adopts courage and endurance as permanent traits. A team dedicated to the core, beaming with joy, high spirits, adept in different activities is ready to instill academic, aesthetic and athletic traits in the pupils, so as to create an environment enriched with the excitement of discovery, challenge, competitiveness and discipline based on the belief of responsibility and freedom.

This quest for excellence is aimed and anchored at SANSKRITI CONVENT SCHOOL with specific objective to provide the best in the education to its pupils with support of modern techniques and gadgets. Latest innovations and trends are assimilated in the system with a vision to create a knowledge society having competitive edge with a feeling of co-operation, SANSKRITI CONVENT SCHOOL further aims to extract, and develop hidden intellectual potential, a sense of discipline and self reliance.

Facilities at SANSKRITI